International Microorganism Day 2021

17 September is International Microorganism Day, an annual celebration of microbiology. This day is an opportunity to highlight the impact of microorganisms on our lives but also their diversity and variety. BOKU is part of this international event again!

The International Microorganism Day (IMD) is a way to encourage everyone to recognize and celebrate the many ways microscopic organisms are important for our planet, but also in human health, culture, economic activities, employment and, throughout our daily lives.
Did you know that a major part of the oxygen, which you breathe, has been produced by microorganisms and not by plants? Did you know that microorganisms can grow in your dishwasher, in snow and ice, but also in hot springs? Life as we know it would be unthinkable without active microorganisms, keeping the biosphere running. The International Microorganism Day makes the many roles visible, which the tiny creatures play. Microorganisms can also be frightening, but knowing them, helps in preventing harm. The 17th September celebrates the subject microbiology, allowing us to understand who our little co-inhabitants on our planet are.

There will be two days of lectures, workshops and entertaining activities as part of the 24h live stream. Michael Sauer, Department of Biotechnology, will co-host the breakfast show on 17 September from 7am (CEST)!
The livestream will be available on the Home Page, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel so all you have to do is join!

Microorganisms play a vital role in food production as well. Researchers of the Institute of Food Science (Lucija Podrzaj, Carola Bücher, Tamara Rudavsky, Nicola Pacher, Johanna Burtscher and Konrad Domig) will join the celebration by inviting you to a virtual tour through their institute showing their latest insights into cheese microbiology. Curious? Then check out BOKU’s official Instagram and Facebook channel on 17th September.
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