20th call for proposals of the research program StartClim "StartClim2022" launched.

The StartClim research program will award projects for the 20th time in 2022. Innovative projects are funded that address current issues with regard to the national adaptation strategy.

The submission period for project proposals runs from 01 February to 25 March 2022 at 12:00.

The questions of StartClim2021/22 are divided into four thematic blocks:

- Major levers and key actions for climate change adaptation.

- How to make adaptation measurable?

- Emergency scenario for the impacts of extreme natural hazards

- Contributions to the EU's Adaptation to Climate Change mission.

Do you have an idea for a StartClim project, but it doesn't fit the stated questions? This year the program allows you to submit a proposal on a topic of your choice.

More details about this year's call and how to submit your project proposal can be found at: startclim.at/ausschreibungen.

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