Works agreement on the granting of anniversary bonuses concluded

After lengthy negotiations, the rectorate and both works council committees were able to conclude a works agreement on the granting of anniversary bonuses for employees under the collective agreement.

Previously, civil servants and contract employees had their anniversary bonuses stipulated in the Salaries Act; now the works agreement also regulates this for our employees under collective bargaining agreements. They are now entitled to an anniversary bonus after 20 or 35 years of work at BOKU. Due to historically grown employment relationships at BOKU (e.g. employment in times of partial legal capacity of the institutes, or employment in "ad personam projects"), some colleagues already benefit from the payment by reaching the required working years. Special transitional provisions have also been defined for these colleagues. As employers and works councils, we are very pleased that we can look back on successful negotiations in good agreement and that this company agreement is now coming into force.

Company Agreement on the Granting of Anniversary Allowances at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna