Prof. Ivar Lyhne from Aalborg University at BOKU – new concepts of digitalisation in environmental planning

Prof. Ivar Lyhne, associate professor at Aalborg University in the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment, Department of Planning with focus on digitalisation, SDGs and public participation processes in environmental planning and assessment, will be a visiting professor at BOKU in May.

Prof. Lyhne shares experiences on the latest digitalisation initiatives in environmental planning and assessment and discusses technical, legal, institutional and organizational aspects of digitalisation, especially on the usage of AI or Big Data. A public evening lecture will take place on 22.05 at 5:00 p.m. in room SR 19/1 (SIMH-DG/01).

Prof. Lyhne holds the seminar "Digitalisierung und Umweltplanung - Digitalisation and environmental planning" (in Eng.) (BOKU No. 853015) from May 22 to 26, 2023. For details and registration see BOKUonline.
The seminar includes interactive sessions after short lecture parts, case study analysis and short presentation with feedback from the group.