Rudolf Krska presented the Chinese translation of his successful book "Essen ohne Gift?" in Beijing.

As part of the China International Food Safety and Quality Conference, one of the world's largest conferences on food safety in Beijing, Rudolf Krska, Head of the Institute of Bioanalytics, hosted the presentation of his book on November 3.

His successful book "Essen ohne Gift?", which deals with the benefits and health risks of our food, was translated into English last year together with two international co-authors. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment and the kind support of Romer Labs/DSM-Firmenich, Rudolf Krska's book has now also been translated into Chinese. For this book, which was originally published by Picus-Verlag as a product of the Vienna Lectures, Krska and his team from the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology at IFA-Tulln scrutinized 100 risk assessments at European level in order to be able to evaluate those potentially harmful chemical substances in food to which consumers are exposed over a longer period of time - i.e. chronically.

In addition to his teaching and research activities at BOKU, Rudolf Krska also works at Queen's University Belfast. He is also Area Leader at the Austrian Competence Center for Food and Feed Safety FFoQSI at Technopol Tulln. In China, he was appointed Distinguished Professor of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2015.