Visiting professor Örjan Bodin

Professor Bodin is theme leader Adaptive governance, networks and learning at theStockhom Resilience Centre. He joins BOKU for a seminar and an evening event.

Dr. Örjan Bodin is theme leader for Adaptive governance, networks and learning at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC). The SRC sis the leading research institute in the field of governance and management of social-ecological systems to secure ecosystem services for human wellbeing and resilience for long-term sustainability.
In his research on social-ecological systems (SES), Örjan combines and integrate methods and theories from several different scientific disciplines. Bodin's main focus is to develop better understanding of SES through quantitative modeling and analyses.
Örjan will join the Centre for Development Research at BOKU for the course "Understanding the linkages: network interfaces of ecological, technological and social systems"
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and the evening event
"Colonial history meets systems modelling" on March 20, at 19.30 at the Weltmuseum, Neue Burg, Heldenplatz (Invitation)
You are most welcome to both course and evening event!