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Useful information on the company pension fund at BOKU.

Please note that for legal purposes, only the German versions of the documents are binding and valid. The English translations are for information purposes only.

Within the scope of the company pension scheme, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences has concluded a company pension contract with Valida Pension AG. For public officials and "Vertragsbedienstete" at BOKU the agreements with the federal pension fund are still in force. For employees under the collective agreement of the university, the selection of a new pension fund became necessary. More detailed provisions regarding provision for old age, occupational disability and surviving dependents are specified in an operating agreement.

Employment Agreements Regarding Old Age, Disability and Surviving Spouse's Pensions
Employee Information on the Company Pension Fund
Insurance Tariff - BOKU Company Pension Model
Employee Declarations
FAQ about the Company Pension Fund
Tax Incentives of Employee's Contributions