Friday, 29 April 2022 [9:00 - 12:00]

This seminar is aimed at Doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers interested in animal research at BOKU, especially researchers writing project proposals and submitting manuscripts, for which an 'Ethics Statement' is required.

We ask for strict compliance with BOKU Corona measures and safety regulations.


The workshop will strengthen your awareness of the various ethical aspects involved in animal research and provide an opportunity to discuss them with colleagues. Furthermore, you will receive guidance on how to consider ethical aspects in the design of your research project.
You will also learn about the information that an application to BOKU’s Ethics Committee needs to include, so that the Committee can issue an Ethics Statement, which an increasing number of journals require. This will enable you to avoid delays when submitting project proposals, starting your data collection, or submitting manuscripts.


The workshop will start with a brief overview of the formal processes at BOKU, especially regarding the Ethics Committee and the Animal Welfare Body. Using case studies involving different types of animals and research areas, we will discuss how the various ethical aspects (incl. the ARRIVE Guidelines) can be implemented. This will allow to see how they were taken into account in a case-specific manner when the projects were designed.
Participants are invited to (but do not have to) present their own research project, which will allow them to get specific input on the relevant ethical aspects, and how they can be implemented and documented.

For those who would like to discuss their own research project, please send a description to ethikplattform(at) at the latest by 11 April 2022.


Short presentations, practical examples of actual research projects with various types of animals (wild and domestic), discussions in small groups

Group size: max. 30 participants

The workshop will take place at Seminarraum 09, EG, Franz Schwackhöfer Haus, Peter-Jordan-Str. 82, 1190 Vienna.

Dr. Sara Hintze
Ethics Platform

DI Caroline Hammer
Ethics Platform

Dr. Christiane Schwarz
Animal Welfare Body, Ethics Platform

Dr. Christine Leeb
Ethics Committee

Dr. Ika Darnhofer
Ethics Committee

Several BOKU researchers will present the ethical aspects of their research projects involving wildlife or livestock.

Info for registration

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The participation is free of charge.
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