Wednesday 01. June 2022 [09:00 - 12:00]

This seminar addresses B1 – B2 users who increasingly communicate online.


Understanding how we communicate and how the various settings affect our communication. Improving online live communication by addressing the challenges that come with it.


By literally exploring our senses and understanding them better we can make sense of new communication environments and respond to them by shaping the experience.
Realizing that we all have different ways of perceiving the world around us and that better understanding these variants will enrich our interaction and our lives.


Reflective dialogue, exercises addressing our five senses, Q&A, analysing expert input on communication

Group size: max. 9 participants

The workshop will take place online via ZOOM.

Mag.a Swan Cooper
grew up in Turkey and Austria; lived, worked and studied in the United States, Latin America, Central Asia, India, and Austria. Work experience as interpreter and translator, English language lecturer, intercultural communications coach, project manager, workshop coordinator, event manager, creative trainer, team builder, homemaker, hospice caregiver.

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The participation is free of charge.
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