Wednesday, 05. June 2024 [08:30 - 16:30]

The seminar is addressed to young to experienced faculty members who want to improve their focus and work more efficiently.


Learn what concentration and focus are and why they are essential to productive work
Identify what prevents you to work concentrated
Develop your vision and identify your priorities
Create a plan of action
Learn how to overcome procrastination and deal with distractions
Learn how to increase your concentration skills


Success in academia is not so much a question of talent as of focus and perseverance. As a scientist, you need concentration to read and write articles, conduct studies, analyze data or make decisions that will have a significant impact on your career. But this mountain of tasks and the countless sources of distraction offered by electronic devices make it difficult to focus on a particular task or project.

This workshop is designed to help you improve your focus and sharpen your concentration skills. To this end, we will identify what prevents you to work concentrated, what is your vision, and how to make it happen by working with intense focus on the right tasks. You will learn simple methods to increase your concentration (e.g. batch work, the Pomodoro technique, mindfulness training) and experience flow in your endeavors.


The workshop will be held online in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere. It consists of discussions, individual and group exercises, and short lectures. The inputs and methods taught in this workshop are easy to use, effective, and directly applicable to the participants' current situation.

Group size: max. 15 participants

The workshop will take place online via ZOOM.

Dr. Gayannée Kedia
is a researcher and teacher in social psychology and neuroscience at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria. She owns degrees in both biology and psychology and has worked for several universities in France, UK, Germany, and Austria. Parallel to her academic activity, she works as a writing coach and is the founder of, a blog aimed at helping scientists to be more productive and happier in their professional activity.

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