Copernicus-based information service for irrigation and nutrient management for the Australian agricultural systems

COALA aims to demonstrate that Copernicus data and new Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) infrastructure can better inform management decisions on irrigation and nutrient at all decision levels. The above-mentioned overall objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

Objective 1

Developing EO Methodology which integrates space and non-space inputs.

It aims to establish a sustainable supply chain for innovative EO services to improve water and nutrient management and potential yield estimation from Basin scale to farmer scale

Objective 2

Pilot Demonstrators

It aims to openly validate and demonstrate the commercial value of COALA services to a wider user/client community, achieving a high level of acceptance from users.

Objective 3

Business Development.

Define the business model of the COALA service platform, demonstrate and validate its case with users and elaborate a tailored business plan for its sustainable operation and market uptake beyond the end of the project.

COALA Project Horizon 2020 EO Satellite Sentinel Europe Australia Copernicus

More information

COALA project website

Smart irrigation

Monitoring crops development, water and nutrient status, irrigated areas by means of innovative algorithms based on Sentinel Earth Observation data, which will be accessed by means of the new cloud platforms (DIAS) of Copernicus

EO added value products and integration with other space or non-space inputs

to establish a sustainable and operative supply chains for innovative EO value added products such as maps of crop water requirements, nutritional status, crop development and yield potential

COALA enabling Platform and DIAS integration

Develop the COALA processing environment using Copernicus Data and Information Access Services with the aim of facilitating the access to Copernicus data and information for Australian users. Addressing new or improved processes or services stemming from the use of Earth observation and their smart integration at the level of the user with other related technologies

Pilot deployment, calibration and demonstration of services

To openly validate and demonstrate the commercial value of COALA services to a wider user/client community; to achieve a high level of acceptance from users of innovative EO based product and their integration with other non-EO data; to calibrate services and products in an open environment

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Francesco Vuolo, Dr.

H85700 Institute of Geomatics

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