Core Facilities

Core Facilities

The wide-ranging research areas of BOKU demand a huge variety of instrumentation and (large) equipment that can be accessed in the most convenient and economically efficient way via the BOKU Core Facilities. BOKU developed strong expertise in different fields of research. We are convinced that centering this profound knowledge and providing it to academia as well as industry can perfectly support scientists on their way to ground-breaking findings and discoveries.

Scientific Centres

Centre of Agricultural Sciences

The BOKU Centre for Agricultural Sciences (BOKU CAS) serves as umbrella initiative to foster the networking of the agricultural science departments and organizational units of BOKU. The Centre acts as a forum of internal exchange on the development and implementation of agricultural research and teaching. In addition, the Centre takes a stand on agricultural topics related to the university and increases the visibility of agricultural sciences at BOKU to the public.

Centre for Bioeconomy

With our bioeconomy research focus, we face the Grand Challenges and contribute to the development of an economic system that ensures sustainable resources for a growing world population.

Centre for Global Change and Sustainability

Our mission is to stimulate sustainability at BOKU and beyond. We promote exchange and cooperation in a sustainability context, we provide innovative impetus and coordinate cross-university sustainability projects. We create awareness for sustainability challenges and are a competent first point of contact for questions about global change and sustainable development. Thereby, we support BOKU in fulfilling its pioneering role in society for sustainable development.