Graduation from international Master's degree programmes

Cover page and template

Mandatory as of 1 October 2021!

As of the academic year 2021/22 the cover page must be used for all Master's theses. The template may be used.

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Cover page
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German Version:
Deckblatt Erläuterung

As of 1 October 2022, the new university by-laws on co-supervision of Master's theses will apply.

Preparation for graduation

Once all study requirements have been met, the student may, after the Study Services have verified that all statutory conditions for graduation have been met, register for the defensio or Master's examination, or apply for the graduation documents to be issued without a defensio/examination involving an examination committee.

The assessment by the Study Services should take place one semester prior to registration for the defensio/Master's examination or completion of the Master's course, so that any deficiencies can be remedied in a timely fashion. For this purpose, the most recent individual course plan or the most recent learning agreement, together with the transcript of records from the relevant partner university/universities must be submitted to the Study Services.

All courses at the partner university/universities and all elective courses taken at other recognised post-secondary educational institutions should be entered by the student in Bokuonline (Anerkennungen/Zeugnisnachtrag) [(recognition/certificate submission)] as “Neue Leistung/Zeugnis” [“new achievement/certificate”].

Please note the changes regarding the recognition of academic achievements completed BEFORE admission to the degree programme:

Further details on graduation from international Master's courses can be obtained from the staff of the BOKU-International Relations.

Admission to the defensio/Master's examination, which marks the conclusion of the course, or graduation from the Master's course without an examination before an examination committee, is subject to the following statutory requirements being met:

  • the successful completion of all required courses in the curriculum (all exams must be accredited via BOKUonline)
  • the Master's thesis receiving a positive mark

If these admission criteria are met, registration may take place. For this, the following documents/forms must be submitted (current information):

1. For a defensio:

  • Application for a defensio with the pre-arranged date of the defensio (date, time, location) and proposals for the habilitated chairperson and the two participating habilitated university instructors
  • Assessment of the thesis by the supervisor/co-supervisor: Assessment form for Master's thesis
  • a hard-bound thesis with first and last name on the spine, including signed affidavit
  • Master´s thesis (pdf)
  • Copy of the cover of the Master's thesis
  • if required an application to suspend the Master's thesis with detailed reasons (incl. signature of the institute committee of directors)
  • Abstracts printout after online entry in Abstracts application ( and release of the abstracts by the supervisor
  • Most recent record of studies
  • Confirmation of approval from university library:
  • Recognition notification
  • Original certificates of other recognised post-secondary educational institutions for free electives (please do not forget previous certificate submission on BOKUonline)

In accordance with the Guidelines for the defensio of a Master's thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna the application for the defensio must be registered at least three weeks in advance. The completed application form is submitted to the Dean by the Study Services for approval.  The three-week period begins from the date of the application, providing all necessary documents are available and all legal requirements are met.


Defensiones can take place at any time of year. Exceptions are the non-examination period (Calendar).

The composition of the defensio committee as well as the arrangement of the date, time and location of the defensio is the student's responsibility. The student arranges in advance a date and time for their defensio with two university lecturers with high teaching credentials. The thesis supervisor is usually part of the committee, but may not chair it. The Chair is appointed by the Study Services. The student has the option of nominating a candidate for the Chair. The candidate must belong to a different department from that associated with the Master's thesis.

Further information on final exams by video conference can be found here.

In the case of an on-site examination with participation of the co-supervisor by video conference a reservation of the room has to be made via videokonferenz(at)

2. For an assessed Master's examination:

Registration for the Master's examination must take place at least three weeks prior to the examination date. Three-week deadline starts with the next work day.

Master's examination

Master's examinations can take place at any time of year. Exceptions are the non-examination period (Calendar).

The Dean will be responsible for appointing the examination committee. Dates for oral examinations before an examination committee will be determined by the Study Services.

3. For degrees without defensio/examination before an examination committee:

Students of international Master's courses who have completed their studies at a partner university must provide the following documentation/forms for their graduation documentation to be issued:

  • Request for issuing of graduation documents
  • Admission certificate
  • Last version of Individual Course Plan or Learning Agreement
  • Graduation documents from partner university
  • Transcript of records from partner university/universities
  • Assessment of the thesis by the co-supervisor (BOKU)
  • Most recent record of studies
  • Confirmation of approval from university library:

Graduation documents will be issued following a check by the Study Services.

Graduation documents

As soon as the graduation documents (notice of graduation, certificate and diploma supplement) are ready for collection from the Study Services, notification will be sent via email.

When the graduation documents are collected, the following must be presented:

  • BOKUcard or an official photographic ID
  • Printed confirmation of submission of questionnaire concerning study-related foreign stays UHStat2

If the graduation documents cannot be personally collected, an authorization (form) and an official photographic ID must be presented.

Academic ceremonies

You can register for an academic ceremony (graduation ceremony) as soon as all the required graduation documents have been issued. Details of academic ceremonies can be found under Master's and PhD Graduation Ceremonies.