Essential Documents in the Field of Academic Studies & Teaching (Regular Study Programs)

You are in the section "Academic Studies & Teaching (Regular Study Programs)" of BOKU's Document Collection. Here BOKU staff members can find a compilation of essential documents on this topic.

Study Program

Principals of University Education

European and international principals

Principals at BOKU

Organization of Study Programs

Curriculum Development

Bachelor & Master Study Programs

Doctoral Programs

Development and Adaptations of Curricula

  • Plan of Procedures for the Development and Adaptation of Curricula and Further Education Programs at the University

Access to Higher Education

Examination System

Final Theses

Process Description of the Student Registration Office (Studienabteilung), including information on ...

  • Application for Admission to University Studies
  • Admission to a Degree Program or Doctoral Study Program
  • Individual Study Programs
  • Stipulation of Study Fees
  • Examinations and Recognition of Examinations
  • Graduation and Academic Ceremonies
  • Student Awards


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