„Soil - the basis of our life“

Soil is the foundation of all life and human civilisation. Overexploitation and inadequate management as a result of rapid global change put pressure on natural soil resources and have already led to irreversible degradation.Within the BOKU field of competence “soil use and terrestrial ecosystems”, our institute investigates basic soil processes and their interactions with plants (rhizosphere) and microorganisms. We use this knowledge to develop sustainable strategies and processes for soil management, protection and restoration (remediation).

Our research focuses on the experimental assessment and mathematical modelling of biogeochemical cycles (carbon, nutrients, pollutants, greenhouse gases) from molecular to global systems.

At bachelor level, we impart basic soil science knowledge. At master and doctoral level, the teaching focuses on deepening the soil science basics and discovering special soil science topics with links to our own research and in relation to topics of agricultural and environmental sciences. The goal is a profound scientific education and preparation for the professional practice.