• Management...

    .. in agriculture and in forestry

  • Sustainability...

    ... we develop and evaluate concepts for the sustainable production of biological resources

  • Crops and animals

    Our research covers both crop production and animal husbandry, both in conventional and organic systems

  • Multifunctionality

    We analyse and assess the diverse functions of agriculture and forestry

  • Renewable energy

    We analyse the economic aspects of the production of renewable energy (e.g. biogas, Silphium production)

  • Environmenal protection

    The balance between ecology and economy is at the core of our research

Institute is closed

As an active contribution to #flattenthecurve, we have closed the institute for all direct, personal interactions. Thus, until further notice, the secretariat is closed and all events with physical presence are canceled.

Please contact institute staff and teachers via email.

For urgent administrative matters, please contact the secretariat via email.

Please note the general information from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


In agricultural economics, our work focuses on...

In agricultural economics, our work focuses on...

  • Analysis and empirical studies at the farm level for conventional farms
  • Economics of organic farming
  • Economics of on-farm production of renewable energy
  • Processing of agricultural products
  • On-farm decision making processes
  • Cooperation between farms
  • Farm household income analysis
  • Development of management tools
  • On-farm production planning
  • Land valuation

In forestry economics, we focus on:

In forestry economics, we focus on:

  • Efficiency analysis of forest enterprises and forest related processes
  • Development of management tools for forest enterprises
  • Forestry in the context of national accounting
  • Monitoring of profitability of forestry in Austria by means of forest accountancy networks
  • Valuation of forest services in terms of welfare economics
  • Marketing of non-wood goods and forest services

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