• Management...

    .. in agriculture and in forestry

  • Sustainability...

    ... we develop and evaluate concepts for the sustainable production of biological resources

  • Crops and animals

    Our research covers both crop production and animal husbandry, both in conventional and organic systems

  • Multifunctionality

    We analyse and assess the diverse functions of agriculture and forestry

  • Renewable energy

    We analyse the economic aspects of the production of renewable energy (e.g. biogas, Silphium production)

  • Environmenal protection

    The balance between ecology and economy is at the core of our research

In agricultural economics, our work focuses on...

In agricultural economics, our work focuses on...

  • Analysis and empirical studies at the farm level for conventional farms
  • Economics of organic farming
  • Economics of on-farm production of renewable energy
  • Processing of agricultural products
  • On-farm decision making processes
  • Cooperation between farms
  • Farm household income analysis
  • Development of management tools
  • On-farm production planning
  • Land valuation

In forestry economics, we focus on:

In forestry economics, we focus on:

  • Efficiency analysis of forest enterprises and forest related processes
  • Development of management tools for forest enterprises
  • Forestry in the context of national accounting
  • Monitoring of profitability of forestry in Austria by means of forest accountancy networks
  • Valuation of forest services in terms of welfare economics
  • Marketing of non-wood goods and forest services

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