New Publication

New Publication

Bischetti G.B., De Cesare G., Mickovski S.B., Rauch H.P., Schwarz M., Stangl R. (2021):

Design and temporal issues in Soil Bioengineering structures for the stabilisation of shallow soil movements.

Ecological Engineering, Volume 169, November 2021, 106309.

In this paper, knowledge and tools aiming to address quantitative and temporal aspects of soil bioengineering approach are reviewed, with particular reference to points associated with the structural stability of soil bioengineering structures for shallow landslide stabilisation. The paper:

  • provides the background to the traditional engineering design for slope stabilisation, and the normative state of the art of geotechnical and construction design, as well as the residual risk of slope stabilisation;
  • considers the temporal issues associated with the vegetation and the effect of soil bioengineering structures on the stability of natural, man-made, and anthropogenically influenced slopes;
  • develops a decision framework for soil bioengineering applications that explicitly considers quantitative and temporal aspects of soil bioengineering approach, highlighting critical parameters governing the design with vegetation against shallow slope instability;
  • critically debates the issues of the quantifiability of vegetated slopes and the use of permanent and temporary inert material.