New Publication on Alternatives for Seepage Troughs

Weiss Oliver, Pia Minixhofer, Nadine Werner, Stefan Riedenbauer, Elisabeth Olesko, Katharina Lbke, Bernhard Scharf, and Ulrike Pitha. 2021.
"Alternative Engineered Soils and Seed Mixes Used for Seepage Troughs" Land 10, no. 11: 1152.

Green Infrastructure measures such as seepage troughs are an integral part of sustainable urban rainwater management. In Austria, seepage troughs are currently almost exclusively produced with a 30 cm thick active soil filter passage made of topsoil. A standard seed mix is used as vegetation, which usually consists of only three different turfgrass species. During a three-year trial, engineered soils with improved properties (increased water storage capacity, infiltration rate and pore volume) were tested for their suitability as seepage troughs compared to topsoil. In addition to the standard turf seed mix, a flowering turf seed mix (34 species) and flowering meadow seed mix (53 species) were applied. The engineered and reference soils were analyzed for infiltration rate, vitality, cover ratio and inflorescence. The results were further assessed with the evaluation chart showing quantitatively the suitability of the tested soils for rainwater management. The investigations showed that engineered soils in combination with flowering meadow seed mix lead to the best results. Therefore, this type of vegetation for seepage troughs is recommended for future applications. The reference alternatives cannot be recommended.