Molecular Glycobiology & Glycophylogeny at the BOKU

Research Topics

The focus of our research is on the glycomics of non-vertebrate eukaryotes, especially invertebrates and protists.

  • Functional and Medical Glycobiology and Glycomics

  • Glycobiology of model organisms

  • Glyco-Molecular Biology

  • Glyco-Allergology and Glyco-Parasitology

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Movies and Images

Wild-type worm / GFP labelled (ca 20 MB!) 

(if it does not open properly, right-click it, save it on your computer using "Save Target As... " or "Save Link As..." option and view it separately)

Cytoskeletal and nuclear staining of mouse 3T3 cells.

Analysis of GFP expression driven by Caenorhabditis hexosaminidase promoters.