Group photo in the year 2014.
From upper left to lower right corner:
Carmen Jimenez-Castells, Shi Yan, Dubravko Rendic, Iain Wilson, Martin Dragosits, Barbara Eckmair, Simone Kurz, Alba Hykollari, Katharina Paschinger, Rhiannon Stanton.

Iain and Dubravko as guests of Prof. Wu's group in Suzhou:

Year 2008 Fasching photo (Girl-powah!.jpg):

Guys in China in July 2006:

May 2006 excursion photos:

Starting off at 8 am at the railway station.

Group photo during the lunch break.
From left to right:
Thomas Iskratsch, Katharina Paschinger, Gerald Pöltl, Iain Wilson, Martin Gutternigg, Denise Kerner, Dubravko Rendic, Josef Voglmeir.

Those of us who did not take the car got rather wet on the way back and tried to dry off before boarding the train.