Bioprocess development and design for the efficient production of recombinant proteins, plasmid DNA and virus like particles in bacterial, insect and mammalian cells for bio-pharmaceutical and industrial applications are in the focus of our research.

The fermentation process represents the center of our scientific competence and we closely cooperate with experts in molecular biology, statistics, modeling, downstream processing and protein analytics. We employ a comprehensive on- and offline process monitoring platform, mathematical/statistical methods for advanced data analysis and modeling, and genome scale analytical techniques for fundamental process/systems characterization under production conditions. This approach enables us to develop and deliver pioneering concepts for rational host cell modification, integrated bioprocess design and implementation of PAT/QbD concepts.

Our main interest is laid on recombinant E. coli as production organism and we aim at

  • further development of this production system
  • production of challenging proteins (antibody fragments, scaffolds)
  • further advancement of our monitoring platform
  • implementation of PAT/QbD concepts
  • model predictive process control

In addition we transfer and apply these methodologies and concepts developed with E. coli to insect and mammalian production systems.