RG Maghuly

Our laboratory conducts research on the development and application of technology to open up novel possibilities and draw attention to the importance of recording and analyzing Big Data in the frame of OMICS. Moreover, for understanding how different systems and the gene expression relation to phenotype operate e.g. applications in various plant systems. Our sampling design and data collection will represent high-dimensional datasets for meaningful systems biology, which can form a cornerstone in the concept of functional genomics with plant physiology and biochemistry. Thus, our OMICS will help to identify the external factors and can also visualize several data sets at a time, which influence molecular processes and can rank the importance of these factors. We expect that parallel to our progress with existing novel methods, expertise, network approaches, and emerging strategies, we are able to bring a better understanding of important interacting biological processes underlying complex plant stress response, providing new biomarkers for research and application purposes. The lab members use molecular markers as a tool for work in gene discovery, and study of gene function.

Our current focus are:

•Screening of functional phenotype, linking genotype to phenotype

•Understanding gene functions of economically important trai

•Computational dissection of functionally relevant factors