In cooperation with Green4Cities, BOKU is searching for concrete solutions for so-called “Real Life Challenges”. Challenges caused by climate change in european cities, which can be met with urban green and blue infrastructure.

UNIC is a new and different international congress, which will be held for this purpose on the 16. & 17. of April 2020. In parallel workshops, based on different project initiatives, UNIC will develop concrete solutions in the form of project designs.

Different actors from various professional areas (finance, municipalities, landscape architecture, etc.) will work together on one initiative each and develop project designs which include financing options. This process will be framed by few but informative keynotes. The goal is to start realizing the projects together directly after the congress.

The congress is open to anybody, who is interested in actively shaping their cities and contributing to innovative projects. You can participate too! So that our cities can stay liveable for the future.

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