Ilse Wallentin anniversary – International Women's day 2024

On March 8, International Women's Day, BOKU celebrates a special anniversary this year: exactly 100 years ago, Ilse Wallentin was the first woman to complete her doctorate at BOKU.

Ilse Wallentin – Life and Work

BOKU's first doctoral student was born in Vienna on April 26, 1895 and died in Vienna in 1975. A building at BOKU was named after her. One hundred years later, we look back on her life and work and celebrate 100 years of Ilse Wallentin.

100 years of Ilse Wallentin‘s Dissertation (Agronomy)

In 1924, Ilse Wallentin was the first doctoral student at BOKU. Titel of her dissertation "Standing width experiments with Coriandrum sativum, Pimpinelle anisum and Digitalis lanata".

The Department of Crop Sciences looks back on the last hundred years.

Building on the legacy of Ilse Wallentin

Aliyeh Salehi conducts research in the fields of agroecology, organic farming, soil-plant nutrition, plant cultivation, biodiversity and medicinal plant research, building on the legacy of Ilse Wallentin.