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Further documents and links

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research

BM:BWF (2020). Best practice guide for research integrity and ethics. Vienna: Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.


European Commission

EC (2021). Ethics and data protection

EC (2021). Ethics in Social Science and Humanities

EC (2021). The ethics appraisal scheme in Horizon Europe

EC (2021). How to complete your ethics self-assessment

EC Online Manual > Ethics review

Karatzas, I. Research ethics in Horizon 2020. DG RTD. (presentation slides, very detailed and helpful!)


Ethical principles in research with animals

EU legislation for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes

Eggel and Würbel (2020). Internal consistency and compatibility of the 3Rs and 3Vs principles for project evaluation of animal research. Laboratory Animals 55(3): 233-243.

Percie du Sert et al. (2020). The ARRIVE guidelines 2.0: Updated guidelines for reporting animal research. PLOS biology 18(7): e3000410.


Ethical principles in research involving human participants

Code of Ethics of the International Society for Ethnobiology

Belmont Report - Ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research

Bracken-Roche et al. (2017). The concept of 'vulnerability' in research ethics: an in-depth analysis of policies and guidelines.

Israel, M. (2015). Research ethics and integrity for social scientists. Sage. (available as e-book from the BOKU library)


For research in Third Countries

Schroeder et al. (2019). Equitable research partnerships. A global code to counter ethics dumping. Springer (open access)

FAO. Free, prior, and informed consent by indigenous people

Nagoya-Protocol on access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization


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