Reports of misconduct and/or breaches of rules

A positive and open organisational culture includes not only compliance with legal and internal requirements, but also the responsible handling of reports of suspected misconduct and/or breaches of rules.

The core and indispensable element of a Compliance-Management-System (CMS) includes a reporting-system. Serious reports help us to counteract misconduct and/or breaches of rules at an early stage and to prevent damage to BOKU, our employees, stakeholders, our business and cooperation partners and other persons professionally connected with BOKU.

Reporting-System at BOKU

We offer several reporting channels for contacting us in order to report violations of legal and internal regulations. At BOKU, different channels can be used depending on the topic (e-mail, personal conversation or web-based, also anonymous, reporting-system).

The confidentiality of reports is guaranteed in any case. BOKU´s reporting-system provides the reporting person with a reporting channel that also offers the possibility of anonymous communication. Thus, in the case of an anonymous report through BOKU´s reporting-system, unauthorised persons have no access. You can access our electronic BOKU reporting-system via the internet here.

The receipt and processing of incoming reports is carried out exclusively by experienced, specially trained BOKU staff, if necessary with the assistance of external experts. We carefully and confidentially check all reports and consistently and appropriately prosecute actual violations.

Reports of suspected cases, of misconduct and/or breaches of rules by using the various reporting channels are always voluntary! Information on the handling of personal data in this context can be found here.

Honesty / Truth requirement

Taking into account the circumstances and the available information, all the information about the reported incident must give reasonable cause to believe that the reported incident is/was true at the time of reporting. Reports should be as specific and precise as possible and must not be abusive.

Reports that are proven to be deliberately false may result in legal consequences for the reporting person and claims by the accused.

You can access our electronic BOKU reporting-system via the internet here.