Die Bodenkultur - Volume 48 / issue 1

M. Agegnehu and B. Honermeier:

Effects of Seeding Rates and Nitrogen Fertilization on Seed Yield, Seed Quality and Yield Components of False Flax (Camelina sativa Crtz.)

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K. Buchgraber and R. Resch:

Conservation of pressed brewer's grains and their utilization in cattle feeding

1. The conservation of pressed brewer's grains with and without additives

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W. Knaus, W. Zollitsch, F. Lettner, G. Schlerka and R. Pangerl:

Effects of Iron Supplementation on the Performance, Blood Hemoglobin, Iron Concentration and Carcass Color of Veal Calves

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E. Liebhard:

Influence of primary tillage on yield, yield characteristics and selected quality criteria of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris var, altissima Doell) in the centre of Upper Austria (part 8)

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M. Sager, G. Reichel, M. Grüner and H. Würzner:

Mercury contents of animal feedstuffs in Austria

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J. Vollmann and P. Ruckenbauer:

From Gregor Mendel to molecular plant breeding - a review

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