Die Bodenkultur - Volume 49 / issue 1

J. J. Frickh, W. Wetscherek and W.A. Pichler:

Effects of rape seed meal on fattening performance, slaughtering performance and meat quality in pigs

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K. Gritzer and R. Leitgeb:

Evaluation of the effectiveness of antibiotic and probiotic growth promoters on the performance of fattening bulls

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V. Guberac, J. Martinčić and S. Marié:

Influence of seed size on germinability, germ length, rootlet length and grain yield in spring oat

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K. Moder:

Comparison of some different statistical analysis to eliminate soil effects

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E. M. Pötsch:

About the influence of the fertilizing intensity on the N-cycle of alpine grassland

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A. Steinwidder, R. Stögerer, L. Grober and K. Buchgraber:

Conservation of pressed brewers grains and their utilization in cattle feeding

3. Use of pressed brewers ensiled grains or brewers dried grains in fattening bulls

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