Die Bodenkultur - Volume 50 / issue 4

L. Kirner und W. Sehneeberger:

Factors inhibiting the expansion of organic farming in Austria

Analysis of a survey of those farms agreeing to a renunciation of means of production which increase yield

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O. Meixner:

Consumer behaviour in country markets in Vienna

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H. Spiegel, M. Dachler, K. E. Böhm, E. Pfundtner, K. Roth und M. Sager:

Cadmium in the Environment - a Status Report of Austria (Review)

1. Contents in Environment Compartments and Pathways into the Soil

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A. Steinwidder und M. Greimel:

Economic valuation of longevity of dairy cows

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D. Tscherko and E. Kandeler:

Classification and monitoring of soil microbial biomass, N-mineralization and enzyme activities to indicate environmental changes

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H. K. Wytrzens und Ch. Mayer:

Multiple Use of Alpine Grassland in Austria and the Implications for Agricultural Policy

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H. K. Wytrzens:

50 volumes of "Die Bodenkultur" - the history and future of the printed voice of agricultural science in Austria

Dedicated to the long-standing editor; Professor Kurt Ehrendorfer, on the occasion of his 70th birthday

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