Die Bodenkultur - Volume 52 / issue 1

H. Spiegel, T. Lindenthal, M. Mazorek, A. Ploner, B. Freyer and A. Köchl:

Results of three long-term P-field experiments in Austria

1st Report: Effects of different types and quantities of P-fertiliser on yields and PCAL/DL-contents in soils

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R. Pude and H. Franken:

Reynoutria bohemica - an alternative to Miscanthus x giganteus?

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W. Diepenbrock M. Lang and B. Feil:

Yield and quality of sunflower as affected by row orientation, row spacing and plant density

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W. Holzner and M. Kriechbaum:

Pastures in South and Central Tibet (China)

II. Probable Causes of Pasture Degradation

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S. Bickel, W. Wetscherek and R. Leitgeb:

Influence of fat source on the performance of broilers, and on relevant carcass characteristics for consumers

1st Report: Influence of rapeseed oil and animal fat on growing and slaughtering performance of broilers

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L. Gruber, R. Steinwender, T. Guggenberger, J. Häusler and A. Schauer:

Comparison of organic and conventional farming on a grassland farm

2nd Communication: Feed intake, milk yield, health and fertility parameters

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A. Steinwidder and L. Gruber:

Influence of organic farming on energy and protein supply of dairy cows- Model calculations on the basis of new legal rules

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