Die Bodenkultur - Volume 56 / issue 4

M. Wuczkowski, E. Metzger, K. Sterflinger and H. Prillinger:

Diversity of yeasts isolated from litter and soil of different natural forest sites in Austria

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R. Sonnleitner, D. Puchner-Kapsamer, R. Öhlinger and F. Schinner:

Soil enzymatic characterization of different soil types under meadow

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M. Ivanković, Š. Bojnec and A. Kolega:

Competitiveness of Wine Production: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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E. Quendler:

Characterisation of Agricultural Farms – especially according to Sustainability

How does the farm size influence the sustainability and why do small farms show a „special“ sustainability?

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E. Quendler

Future Scenarios for the Agriculture – Results of an Expert Survey

Which future scenarios are defined for the Austrian Agriculture and how important is the small farm?

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