Die Bodenkultur - Volume 58 / issue 1-4

Land management - economy

Leopold Kirner:

Analysis of competitiveness of milk production in Austria to assess the production potential by natural disadvantage

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Leopold Kirner, Karl M. Ortner, Josef Hambrusch:

Using technical efficiency to classify Austrian dairy farms

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Oliver Meixner, Siegfried Pöchtrager, Rainer Haas, Maria Koppelstätter:

Food supply in rural areas – A decision based analysis using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

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Land management - production and processing

Wilhelm Opitz v. Boberfeld & Michaela Neff:

Prediction of digestibility and energy concentration of catch crops – a comparison of laboratory methods

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Heide Spiegel, Georg Dersch, Johannes Hösch and Andreas Baumgarten:

Tillage effects on soil organic carbon and nutrient availability in a long-term field experiment in Austria

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D. Horvat, A. Kos, Ž. Zečić, A. Jazbec, M. Šušnjar, A. Očkajová:

Tree cutters' exposure to oakwood dust – A case study from Croatia

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M. Haslinger, R. Leitgeb, F. Bauer, Thomas Ettle and Wilhelm M. Windisch:

Slaughter Yield and Meat Quality of Chicken at Different Length of Preslaughter Feed Withdrawal

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Zhao Lin, Wilhelm Windisch, Franz X. Roth, Klaus Eder and Thomas Ettle:

Nutritive value of Masson Pine pollen (Pinus massoniana) in comparison to wheat bran and effects on stool characteristics in a pig model

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Vesna Zupanc, Marina Pintar, Lučka Kajfež-Bogataj, Klemen Bergant:

Impact estimation of climate change on the irrigation demand for fruit growing in Western Slowenia

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Anna – Maria Soja and Gerhard Soja:

Effects of weather conditions on agricultural crop production in Austria between 1869 and 2003

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Book review

V. Winiwarter and M. Knoll:

Umweltgeschichte – Eine Einführung (Gerzabek)

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A. Finck:

Pflanzenernährung und Düngung in Stichworten (Gerzabek)

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o. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Franz Lettner 1936 -2007 (Windisch)