Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

L. Kirner:

Competitiveness of low-input dairy grazing systems in alpine regions in Austria


The present study analyses the competitiveness of low-input grazing systems for dairy farms under Austrian conditions. The model calculations are based on data and experiences of a triennial research project. Linear programming models were established to assess the impacts of the conversion to low-input grazing systems for two typical grassland farms. The results clearly show that low-input grazing systems are more competitive under organic farming methods and in regions with a longer grazing period. Additionally, the economic performance of low-input grazing systems can considerably be improved by adaptations, which compensate the decrease in milk production per farm caused by the lower milk production per cow. Altogether, the economic analysis indicates a potential for low-input dairy grazing systems in Austria. Key words: Competitiveness, low-input, milk production, linear programming, organic farming method.