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Further information:

The new platform "BOKU:LITsearch" provides access to all literature and media offered by the BOKU-library, and if necessary beyond that.

In addition to the printed holdings (e.g.: books, theses) all licensed and free (Open Access) electronic resources and publications (e.g.: e-books, e-journals) are covered and, if licensed, available online.

Special features of this platform are the available refinement-options for the search results.
"BOKU:LITsearch" offers the possibility of searching in the full text of the respective publications.

"BOKU:LITsearch" is also available optimized for smartphones and tablet-PCs. When accessing with such a device you are automatically forwarded to the optimized Version.
For direct access a QR-Code is available (see right column of this page).

With the introduction of this search-platform the BOKU-library fulfils the wish of many users, for a central search-platform able to search most of the available resources.

A tutorial on searching for a specific book is available.

For questions and feedback please contact: ub.support(at)boku.ac.at