Continuing to master challenges together

Whether at home or in the office - to enable you to master your daily work routine during the opening of the university, you will find relevant information about our BOKU-IT Services summarized here.

Service Operation BOKU-IT

All relevant information about our opening hours can be found here:

If you have any questions about our IT services, we are always happy to help you via our hotline:

Email for employees

GroupWise is the campus-wide GroupWare system at BOKU - an integrated system for teamwork, with calendar, contacts, tasks and e-mail. It is available as a solution for all BOKU staff. No VPN required!

Fileservice & Storage Solutions


For special cases where access to BOKUnet internal resources is required, VPN is available. Please contact the person responsible for IT in your organizational unit!

Video conferencing

Whether you want to hold meetings with employees from your home or your office or to avoid personal contact, for streaming courses for a large auditorium, there are suitable technical solutions.

At the following address, we have listed all possibilities for you and supplemented them with instructions, among other things:

Please also note the current information of the Dean of Studies regarding video conferences:

Information Security

Watch out for phishing

At the moment cyber criminals are unfortunately shamelessly exploiting the current situation. Do not click on suspicious links that promise exclusive content, but obtain information from official, trustworthy sources. So be especially careful. You can find further information at:

Install the latest updates for operating systems and apps

Make sure that your operating system and all installed programs are up to date. Not all programs update themselves automatically. Also check your mobile phone for updates.
Windows updates see:


Please make sure that your IT end device is encrypted. You can find instructions on how to do this here


We also recommend that you consider exchanging alternative telephone contact options to ensure that you can be reached independently.

For collaboration within teams (e.g. crisis teams) we recommend the messenging app "Signal". It is completely independent from BOKU-IT and is offered by a third party. In contrast to others, this messenger is classified as very secure by security experts.