Overcoming challenges together

In many cases, IT can support you in a crisis - but it also needs your help. You can find out more about this here.

Dear colleagues, dear students,

in addition to the guidelines from the Rectorate in the topic area of Corona Virus, we would like to give you an update on IT-specific information & measures:

The aim of our efforts is to use information technology to help protect the health and well-being of all BOKU employees and students and to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible. In order to achieve this overall goal, we are focusing on three main areas on the basis of which we prioritize measures and make decisions:

  • maintaining IT operations
  • enabling lectures and research
  • contributing to minimizing the need for any personal contacts throughout BOKU-IT

In principle, our service areas remain open, although in a crisis mode.

On behalf of the entire BOKU-IT team, I can assure you that we will do everything we can to guide IT operations safely through the crisis. Please support us in doing so by consistently following the rules.

Please help us to provide you with IT infrastructure and support by helping us to minimise staff downtimes in the BOKU-IT team due to illness!

Therefore, please only visit us personally in case of actual emergencies and only after prior appointment with us.

With many thanks and best regards from BOKU-IT,
Andreas Schildberger.

Implementation priorities are therefore currently as follows:

  • maintaining IT operations on an infrastructural level (e.g. mailing, network, file service and remote access possibilities) as a prerequisite for all further measures as well as IT support in case of problems (IT support)
  • evaluation, development and delivery of (additional) solutions which enable face-to-face events, in particular courses, with distance learning, video conferences or alternative forms of information transfer
  • provision of infrastructure and services that enable as many BOKU employees and students as possible to carry out their work from home (home office)
  • organizational measures for crisis management

IT measures to replace attendance events:

Home office:

Numerous services of BOKU-IT are also available from home:

Email for employees

GroupWise is the campus-wide GroupWare system at BOKU - an integrated system for teamwork, with calendar, contacts, tasks and e-mail. It is available as a solution for all BOKU staff. No VPN required!

Fileservice & Storage Solutions


For special cases where access to BOKUnet internal resources is required, VPN is available. Please contact the person responsible for IT in your organizational unit!

Video conferencing:

Whether you want to hold meetings with employees from your home or your office or to avoid personal contact, for streaming courses for a large auditorium, there are suitable technical solutions. At the following address, we have listed all possibilities for you and supplemented them with instructions, among other things: https://short.boku.ac.at/it-videokonferenzen (German only)

The Zoom solution for video conferencing on a large scale, which has already proven its worth at BOKU, has been upgraded to a new and higher level. If you want to use this solution, please visit https://bokuvienna.zoom.us - we have implemented a solution that will allow you to use the service securely with your BOKU account. Details can also be found under the above link, the technical documentation for use (illustrated step-by-step instructions are currently under construction and will be continuously updated as testing and implementation progresses.


To be on the safe side, we also recommend that, when working at your home office, you should exchange and use alternative telephone contact options when possible. Reason: BOKU has 60 incoming and 90 outgoing telephone lines. It can be expected that call diverts on landline extensions will be set up on an unprecedented scale. Since landline call diverts place a much greater strain on our phone line capacities than use from the house, an overload is very likely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to expand the lines at short notice due to delivery/fulfillment times. Information on how to use the telephone service (e.g. call forwarding) can be found at: https://short.boku.ac.at/it-telefonie-bedienung (German only)

For collaboration within teams (e.g. crisis teams) we recommend the messenging app "Signal". It is completely independent from BOKU-IT and is offered by a third party. In contrast to others, this messenger is classified as very secure by security experts.

BOKU-IT service availability:

Please note that we are currently reassessing the situation and thus our service availability in our BOKU-IT crisis team on a daily basis.

Changes are therefore possible at any time and will be published as BOKU-ITinfos.

Service operation:

  • The BOKU-IT hotline remains normally staffed with unchanged availability by mail and telephone (Mon - Fri 8 - 18). Please note that there is no physical service; except after appointment in urgent cases.
  • BOKU-IT office (“Sekretariat”) and BOKU-IT media office: these will remain closed until further notice
  • The operation in our PC rooms (IT and multimedia) will be discontinued from Monday 16th March 2020
  • Printing service (BOKUprint): The multifunctional devices in the area of responsibility of BOKU-IT will remain in operation and maintenance (paper, toner) until further notice. For the other devices, please contact the respective contacts if you have any questions (contact details are attached to the devices)
  • Rental notebooks: due to very high demand, no more devices are available. If in doubt, please reach out to boku-it(at)boku.ac.at
  • webcams, headsets: We have purchased 40 webcams and 20 headsets at short notice and have made them available for emergencies. These will be allocated analogous to the above priorities for notebooks. Please keep in mind that modern notebooks usually have integrated webcam and microphone. The offer is therefore primarily directed at lecturers who would like to hold their lectures from home (e.g. from a desktop PC) and do not have a webcam and (optional) headset.
  • Lecturers who have problems with remote courses are welcome to contact us via our hotline (https://short.boku.ac.at/it-hotline-english).
  • BOKU-IT training courses: The training course "Storage at the BOKU" on 27.3.2020 is cancelled, regarding the following training courses we are still waiting for the further development of the overall situation.

Disinfectant dispensers:

Enclosed you will find the locations for disinfectant dispensers, which I will distribute in consultation with Mrs. Koppensteiner in the appendix.




Kindergarten Gartencenter


Muthgasse 3

Muthgasse 2

Muthgasse 107




IFA2 Main Entrance


  • Die BOKU-IT Hotline ist wie gewohnt Mo - Fr  8 - 18 Uhr per Mail und Telefon erreichbar. Achtung: Prinzipiell kein persönlicher Parteienverkehr - ist nur in dringenden Fällen und nur von 10-16 Uhr möglich.
  • BOKU-IT Sekretariat und BOKU-IT Medienstelle bleiben bis auf Widerruf geschlossen und sind vorerst nicht erreichbar/besetzt.
  • Der Betrieb in den EDV-Räumen (IT- und Multimedia) wird mit Montag 16.3.2020 eingestellt.
  • Druckservice (BOKUprint): Die Multifunktionsgeräte im Verantwortungsbereich der BOKU-IT bleiben bis auf weiteres in Funktion und Wartung (Papier, Toner). Für die anderen Geräte kontaktieren Sie bei Fragen bitte die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner*innen (Kontaktmöglichkeiten sind an den Geräten angebracht).
  • Notebookverleih: Um naturgemäß nun völlig überbuchte Ressourcen für die BOKU bestmöglich einzusetzen, priorisieren wir die Anfragen nach obigen Schwerpunkten wie folgt:

    • Notebooks für die Aufrechterhaltung des Betriebes in Bereichen die für die Weiterführung von (Fern-)Lehre und Forschung erforderlich sind.
    • Notebooks für Vortragende von zentralen Lehrveranstaltungen
    • Notebooks um Homework für Personen zu ermöglichen, die die Aufrechterhaltung zentraler Services verantworten.
    • ab 13.3 Mittag vergeben wir dann alle verbleibenden Geräte an Mitarbeiter*innen und Studierende, bis auf drei Stück, die wir für absolute Not- und Ausfälle zurückhalten.

  • Webcams, Headsets: Wir haben kurzfristig 40 Webcams und 20 Headsets angekauft und diese für Notfälle bereitzustellen. Diese werden analog zu obigen Prioritätensetzungen  bei den Notebooks vergeben. Bedenken Sie bitte, dass akutelle Notebooks üblicherweise über Webcam und Mikorofon verfügen. Das Angebot richtet sich daher primär an Vortragende, die Ihre Lehrveranstaltungen von zu Hause abhalten möchten (z.B. von einem PC aus) und nicht über Webcam und (optional) Headset verfügen.
  • Hörsaalbetreuung (technischer Support): ist eingestellt. Vortragenden, die Probleme mit der Fernabhaltung von Lehrveranstaltungen haben, stehen wir über unsere Hotline (https://short.boku.ac.at/it-hotline) gerne zur Verfügung.
  • BOKU-IT Schulungen: Die Schulung "Storage an der BOKU" am 27.3.2020 ist abgesagt, bezüglich der nachfolgenden Schulungen warten wir noch die weitere Entwicklung der Gesamtsituation ab.