Brief description

File exchange via e-mail

BOKUbox is a special service for all BOKU staff members.

Short-term file sharing can easily overload your mailbox. BOKUbox is the perfect alternative to e-mail attachments.

How it works

Upload the files you want to share into a “box” on the BOKUbox server and share the link via e-mail. By clicking on the link the files can be opened and downloaded.

Alternatively, you can arrange your BOKUbox to allow others to upload files into the box which you can download.

Advantages BOKUbox

  • can be used for large files (up to 15 GB)
  • files are stored on a server inside BOKU
  • acces can be limited to persons with a BOKU account
  • you get a notification when someone accessed files

Useful hints

JavaScript and Cookies have to be activated.

Alternatively to BOKUbox you can also exchange files via your personal homepage. There you can store files and send the Link via e-mail.