SPSS for Windows (Students)

For students with Windows computer who cannot use the PCs in our PC rooms, we provide an unattended installation (= no user input required) of SPSS.
You can download the corresponding program from the portal 'Software for Students' (at BOKU or from home - please note: outside BOKU a VPN connection is required).
Please pay attention to the download time and your download volume - the software package has about two gigabytes.

Quick guide:

  1. Establish a VPN connection.
    Instructions for the installation of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client can be found on the following page: VPN
  2. Download the corresponding ISO file: https://software.boku.ac.at/SoftwareStudierende/Windows/SPSS/
  3. Navigate to the download folder and double-click on the downloaded file.
  4. Double-click "IBM_SPSS_Statistics_Installation" and confirm the message windows.

To use the program, a connection to the license server is required, an active VPN connection is required for this purpose, see also the information below.

SPSS for macOS (Students)

Please note that handover or pickup of equipment for compliance with the safety guidelines of the Rectorate is only possible after prior appointment!

The software product "SPSS" can in exceptional cases (if our PC rooms cannot be used by students) be installed on private Apple MacBooks (operating system: macOS). A valid BOKUcard is required.

Please bring the following items with you when installing a software product on a student laptop:

  • valid student identity card = BOKUcard
  • MacBook on which the software product is to be installed (please note the specific minimum requirements of the software product here). Please also note that there should be about 5 GB of free space on the local hard disk - otherwise SPSS cannot be installed.
  • Power cable (so that power does not go out during installation)
  • If required: password of an account with administrative rights (required for software installation)

The installation usually takes a few hours. Depending on the degree of utilization and other conditions, it can take several days. It is recommended that you return your MacBook to the BOKU-IT hotline early in the morning - we will then usually call you during the day once the installation has been successfully completed and the device is ready for collection.

In order to use the program, a connection to the license server of the BOKU must be established, an active VPN connection is required (the required program for this, Cisco AnyConnect, will also be installed by us if not already available).

Active VPN connection required

To start and use SPSS, there must be a connection to the license server of the BOKU, so an active VPN connection is required.