Help! My Account Is Expiring!

Information on the account termination process and steps to interrupt that process.

The account termination process at BOKU is an automated process. It is activated, if no organizational allocation (staff members) is available or there is no active academic study program assigned (students).

This process can be suspended at any time by entering a new organizational allocation (a new contract of employment in SAP, manual allocation by an IT manager) or if the study status is changed (commencing a new study program or resuming a previously terminated study program).

Manual intervention (such as delays of processes for a certain time period) by IT staff is NOT possible.


The process for staff members starts as soon as there is no more active organizational allocation. For students at the end of the term 1 year after they have no more active student status.

  1. An email is sent to the account owner with information that the account will become inactive in the near future. At that time the account is still active and can be used as always. Please pay attention to the contents of the email as it is adapted to the respective account situation (for example, for staff members and student profiles).
  2. After three weeks the account will become inactive. The login and delivery of emails addressed to this account are no longer possible. The content of the mailbox and the personal storage area remain intact and can be reactivated.
  3. Six months after the expiration the contents of the mailbox and the personal storage area are deleted.
  4. Twelve months after the expiration the user name is deleted and can be reassigned.

Staff Members

If you receive an email that states that your account will expire shortly and you do not feel that this is justified, please contact the IT manager ("EDV-Verantwortliche") of your organizational unit.

Do not reply the email as it is sent automatically from a service email address.


Every study program that has not been documented as continued by the end of the current semester's extension period (April 30 / November 30) will automatically shut down. This can happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • Payment of the full amount of the costs was not made.
  • Payment was made at another university BOKU's study registration office was not notified (for example, as "Mitbeleger").
  • Payment data was incorrect or could not be correctly assigned.

In order to reactivate a student account an active academic study program must exist. This means that you have to apply for or renew you academic study program at the study registration office within the registration period.

Basis account / pre-registration

A basic account is only required for the first pre-registration for BOKU studies.

If admission is granted and a regular student account is activated, the basic account is automatically deleted.

If there is no admission, the basic account will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity if there are no open pre-registrations.