Working Alongside Your Studies?

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences currently offers no academic studies that are specifically tailored to the demands of working students. Most courses are held beetween 9:00 and 18:00.

Also the work load is designed for fulltime academic studies. Employment in most cases leads to a prolonged study period which means that the academic studies cannot be completed within the minimum duration of the degree program. Whether or not working alongside your studies is possible highly depends on the flexibility of your occupation since there are many irregular dates (especially in higher semesters). A suggestion for class schedules in the various degree programs can be found at BOKUonline.

Side Jobs?

In Vienna there are certainly options to find a suitable side job. Apart from various notices which can be found directly at BOKU, job offers can also be found here: 


Good information on working alongside studying can be found in the brochure of the Austrian Students' Union at: ÖH–Broschüre.

Please especially note the limits on additional income for study assistance and family allowances when working.