Student residence, flat or shared flat?

Vienna offers a wide variety of accommodation options, which can be chosen according to individual needs and requirements. In addition to your own flat (or shared flat), Vienna offers a wide range of student halls of residence.
In the brochure "Studieren und Wohnen" (Studying and Living) of the ÖH you can find good information on tenancy law as well as a list of all student halls of residence in Vienna.
Please do not forget to update your registration form and bring it to the magistrate's district office of your district of residence: Registration and notice of change (

Student residences

Student halls of residence are particularly suitable for the first few semesters. Here you have the opportunity to meet lots of new people. Depending on which residence you apply for, there are single or shared rooms, showers in the hallway or in the room. There are usually also shared cooking facilities. Student halls of residence are somewhat cheaper than having your own flat or shared flat, partly because the rooms (usually) don't have to be paid for in the summer.

A list of student halls of residence and information on how to apply can be found on the following websites:

Flat / shared flat

At the beginning of the academic year, places in shared flats or flats are usually in high demand, but the situation is already more relaxed from December onwards. Current offers for apartments/flatshares can be found at the following addresses; a commission or deposit is often payable:

Temporary living

Your studies are about to start and you don't have a place to stay yet? You can find temporary solutions here:

Mandatory residence registration

When you move into your accommodation in Vienna, you have to register in Vienna:

There is a general obligation to register in Austria. All Austrian citizens and also all guests staying in Austria for more than three days have to fill in a registration form, have it signed by the landlord/landlady and submit it to one of the magistrate district offices in Vienna, showing their passport.

If the address in Vienna is changed during the stay, this must be reported.

Further information can be found here...