• We offer a wide range of process development for up- and downstream processing with different host organism (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cell culture, …).
  • Together with the Institue of Bioprocess Science and Engineering (IBSE) we develop and scale up fermentation from µ- to lab- and pilot scale.
  • Manufacturing and processing of products at pilot scale (non-GMP, but under “GMP-like” conditions (High Quality Grade))
  • Available in-house model systems
    – e.g.: rhSOD, GFP, scFv (IB or soluble)
  • Available model organisms
    – E. coli, P. pastoris, CHO, Sf9
  • We are open for model systems and organisms provided by partners (e.g. Archae bacteria)
  • Method development for cell harvest, IB harvest, refolding, precipitation; small scale development and transfer to pilot scale
  • Filter testing for Depth- and Sterile filtration including upscale
  • Ultra-/Diafiltration:
    – method development and upscale; membrane testing
  • Chromatographic separation
    – method development and scale up; benchmarking of different resins with in-house model systems (different feed)
  • Test of equipment provided by supplier
  • Customized user trainings and hand-ons on the individual equipment units or process chains