A major focus in the group is ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS). In addition to providing a highly precise and rapid separation dimension, new structural information can be derived for gas phase ions including the collision cross section (CCS). We use both drift tube (DTIM) and high-resolution Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation (SLIM) technologies. From 2024-2028, we are coordinating the MSCA Doctoral Network MobiliTraIN (Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Training Network) with 13 Doctoral Candidates working together across Europe with leading academic researchers, IM-MS instrument developers and industry partners.

LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS are used for analytical metabolomics in the context of biotechnology and bioprocess engineering (e.g., metabolic engineering, modelling and pathway analysis) in collaboration with the experienced teams within the Hann Group and at the Department of Biotechnology. Most recently, new microfluidic perfusion fermentation technology is being integrated into an online analytical platform in collaboration with the Hann and Mattanovich groups.

In collaboration with VinoStellar OG, the SmartVinify project involves the development and implementation of analytical tools for the prediction of grape and wine quality as well as authenticity assessment.

Analytical method development is also performed in the group using IM-MS, LC-MS, ion (exchange) chromatography (IC), and capillary electrophoresis (CE) for diverse applications, often performed at the Core Facility Mass Spectrometry.

A list of recent publications is available at the BOKU research information system.

Recent research highlights

New publications

In-source ion activation and IM-MS to study intramolecular proton transfer (Younes Valadbeigi)

Isotopologue distribution analysis for tetrahydrofolate vitamers (Bernd Mitic)

Using stable isotope labelling with IM-MS and new quadrupole technology (Max Feuerstein)

Why your external calibration practices matter for small molecule CCS determination (Max Feuerstein)

How (un)certain are you about CCS determination?


Recently Completed Research Projects

Dr. Younes Valadbeigi (FWF Lise Meitner Fellow, 2021-2023) “Ion Formation in Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry