Customizing amino acid metabolism of Pichia pastoris for recombinant protein production.
Rußmayer H, Buchetics M, Mattanovich M, Neubauer S, Steiger M, Graf AB, Koellensperger G, Hann S, Sauer M, Gasser B, Mattanovich D. Biotechnol J. 2023 Sep 5:e2300033. doi: 10.1002/biot.202300033. Online ahead of print. PMID: 37668396
Pushing and pulling proteins into the yeast secretory pathway enhances recombinant protein secretion
Richard J. Zahrl, Roland Prielhofer, Özge Ata, Kristin Baumann, Diethard Mattanovich and Brigitte Gasser published their results on how to improve the bottleneck of secretion of recombinants proteins in Komagataella spp. Metab Eng. 2022 Nov;74:36-48. doi: 10.1016/j.ymben.2022.08.010. Epub 2022 Sep 1.

FEMS Yeast Research - Best Article Award 2021

Congratulations to Brigitte Gasser, Özge Ata Akyol, Burcu Gündüz Ergün, Patrick Fickers, Lina Heistinger, Diethard Mattanovich and Corinna Rebnegger for being rewarded the FEMS YEAST RESEARCH ARTICLE AWARD 2021 for their review! Great work!


Turnaround for the chemical industry: VIVALDI transforms CO2 emissions into sustainable bioproducts

The European Union has granted €7 million for the VIVALDI project to transform the bio-based industry into a new, more environmentally friendly and competitive sector. BOKU received the second largest share of the project volume in this context.

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Growth-Decoupled Protein Production in Yeast

A report on the CD-lab of Brigitte Gasser in the magazine "Chemiereport 2017-03" (text only available in German).