Dr. Lisa Call and DI Tamara Rudavsky from the Department of Food Science and Food Technology received the science award DER ALIMENTARIUS 2021 from the journal DIE ERNÄHRUNG for their theses.

Since 2019, the scientific journal DIE ERNÄHRUNG has been awarding outstanding PhD and Master theses with the ALIMENTARIUS prize. In 2021, the prize was given to two young female researchers from BOKU.

The PhD thesis of Dr. Lisa Call “Characterization of wheat components related to hypersensitivities” focused on the tolerability of wheat products. The work was carried out at the Institute of Food Technology under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Regine Schönlechner within the research project “ID-WHEAT”, which was financially supported by the FFG.

The Master thesis of DI Tamara Rudavsky deals with the “Influence of different primary production conditions on the spore concentration of butyric acid producing clostridia in raw milk” and was carried out at the Institute of Food Science under the supervision of Dr. Johanna Burtscher and Univ. Prof. Dr. Konrad Domig. This research project was supported by the COMET-K1 Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation (FFoQSI), which is managed by the FFG.

Both graduates are still dedicated to their fields of research and have remained at BOKU after graduation. Dr. Lisa Call continues to work on wheat intolerances at the Department of Crop Sciences within the “Danube Allergy Research Cluster” led by the Medical University Vienna. DI Tamara Rudavsky works as a lecturer at the Institute of Food Science and, as a Research Associate at FFoQSI, continues to investigate cheese-spoiling bacteria with the aim to assure cheese quality in the long term.