Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology (DAGZ)

  • PhD Defensio of Lin Sun

    “Novel molecular players of PILS-dependent cellular auxin homeostasis”. Friday 15th of Nov. 2019, 2:00 pm, Seminarraum, 4th floor, Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna.

  • New SFB paper with contribution of Adam Lab

    Stable Isotope–Assisted Plant Metabolomics: Combination of Global and Tracer-Based Labeling for Enhanced Untargeted Profiling and Compound Annotation.

  • New SFB paper with contribution of Adam Lab

    Stable Isotope-Assisted Plant Metabolomics: Investigation of Phenylalanine-Related Metabolic Response in Wheat Upon Treatment With the Fusarium Virulence Factor Deoxynivalenol.

  • BOKU Erfinderin 2019

    Die Auszeichnung BOKU Erfinderin 2019 ging dieses Jahr ex aequo an Hertha Steinkellner, Grabherr und Gasser.

  • New Publication from Hauser and Adam Lab

    Zearalenone and ß-Zearalenol But Not Their Glucosides Inhibit Heat Shock Protein 90 ATPase Activity.

  • New Publication from Kai Dünser (Kleine-Vehn Lab)

    Leucine-Rich Repeat Extensin Proteins and Their Role in Cell Wall Sensing.

  • New Publication from Jennifer Schoberer & Strasser Lab

    A signal motif retains Arabidopsis ER-α-mannosidase I in the cis-Golgi and prevents enhanced glycoprotein ERAD.

  • New Publication from Sascha Waidmann (Kleine-Vehn Lab)

    Cytokinin functions as an asymmetric and anti-gravitropic signal in lateral roots.

Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology (DAGZ)

We aim to understand genetic programs and cell biology processes in fungi, plants and humans.

We investigate how these programs regulate growth, adaptation to changing environmental or nutritional conditions and disease development. 

Our knowledge forms the basis for biotechnological and agronomic applications and provides new technological platforms for bio-economy concepts.

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