Henrique Rasera Raniro wins the "Brian Chambers award for crop nutrition early career researchers"

During the yearly conference on crop nutrition/soil fertility and fertilisers in Cambridge our colleague Henrique was awarded for his work within the RecaP-project.

The IFS (International Fertiliser Society) hosts a yearly conference on crop nutrition/soil fertility and fertilisers, which is held in Cambridge, UK. This is to bring together stakeholders from academia, research institutes and also the industry, where they showcase new products, technologies and discoveries in the intention to advance the knowledge on crop nutrition.

On the occasion, they have been hosting the "Brian Chambers Award" since 2015.

Essentially, it is an award given to early career researchers in crop nutrition upon evaluating their entries and poster, displayed at the live event.

Details on this award scheme, elegibility, evaluation criteria and so forth can be found here: https://fertiliser-society.org/brian-chambers-international-award/

Congratulations Henrique!

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