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Who we are and what we focus on

The Institute of Plant Protection (IPP) focuses on crop plant health and thus on our current and future livelihoods. In the conflict-laden field where environmental requirements need to be balanced against the demand for safe and sufficient food supply, we research sustainable solutions with practical implementation perspectives in crop protection.

The range of topics we cover in research and teaching is correspondingly broad.


IPP researchers work both in basic and in applied sciences. Fundamental research addresses the interactions between plant pathogens or parasites and their host- and non-host plants as well as the ecology of pests and beneficial organisms. In the field of applied plant protection, we treat current issues in crop production including viticulture, horticulture and weed science. The IPP contributes to sustainable solutions for both integrated and organic farming.


Our variety of topics:

Basics in plant protection I parasitology and pathology of crops I phytopathology and entomology I diagnosis in the field and in the laboratory I biological plant protection I  ecological basics I chemistry and application of plant protection products I plant protection in fruit, wine and horticulture I plant virology and bacteriology I nematology I herbology I protection of stored crops


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