"Does climate warming reduce the mite diversity in extensively managed meadow apple cultures in Styria?" (1/2)

"Management effects on mite diversity in organic and integrated apple cultures in Styria" (2/2)

These two master-theses will be conducted within the scope of the research project “The good, the bad and the ugly: are beneficial mites threatened in apple orchards due to climate change and pesticides?” and are strongly interrelated so that the tasks of the students are done together in the lab of the Institute of Plant Protection.

contact: Andreas Walzer, andreas.walzer@boku.ac.at, phone +43 1 47654 95308



Influence of foliar treatments and different dates of the first application against powdery mildew on the disease infestation of grapes

contact: Markus Redl, Bakk.techn. Dipl.-Ing. Dr., markus.redl(at)boku.ac.at, phone +43 1 47654-95325



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