Advanced Biorefineries: Chemistry & Materials


ABC & M - Advanced Biorefineries: Chemistry and Materials

Dwindling fossil resources demand an urgent change from conventional economy to bioeconomies that exploit the wealth of renewable resources in various biorefinery scenarios, i.e. processing of renewable resources according to green and sustainable principles. The concept of biorefineries is open towards various directions that will be reflected in the framework of the Doctoral School “Advanced Biorefineries: Chemistry and Materials ABC & M”:

  • Pulp and paper industry as an already existing biorefinery approach based on the exploitation of lignocellulose.
  • Wood industry searches for innovative approaches to generate added value from side streams, and to utilize novel forest- and agriculture-based resources for material applications.
  • Biorefinery approaches encourage biotechnological solutions to convert bio-based starting materials into novel and/ or upgraded products or to replace existing production routes by environmentally favorable approaches.

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