May 2022


Meet the Scientists

13:00 ‐ 17:00

Get to know the BOKU:BASE Labs. Exciting spin-offs and start-ups at BOKU provide insights into their company. Are you considering founding your own company or are you looking for an exciting job? You are welcome!


Jazz concert at the BOKU Campus Tulln.

19:00 ‐ 22:00

  • Konzert
  • 150 Jahre BOKU

You will enjoy a great concert and a really cool and groovy atmosphere. Bring your friends and family. Free admission, but we collect for people in need in the Ukraine.

International Days

Information on studying & working abroad

09. May 12:30 ‐ 11. May 15:00

  • Informationsveranstaltung
  • 150 Jahre BOKU

Experience abroad I'm coming! We help you jump into the deep end
Find out more about the broad variety of worldwide scholarship programmes offered by BOKU-International Relations!

BOKU farmers market #14 at BOKU Health Day


11:00 ‐ 19:00

  • Konzert

We would like to invite you to the BOKU farmers' market #14. Farmers who study or work at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences offer products like vegetables, fish, honey, eggs, cheese, oil, wine and much more.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Fascination of Plants Day 2022

35 Years Plant Biotechnology Unit (PBU) at BOKU

10:00 ‐ 14:00

  • Informationsveranstaltung

Since 35 years, the Plant Biotechnology Group (PBU-BOKU, WG Laimer) has been making an important contribution to the conservation and protection of the genetic diversity of our woody crops, as a preventive measure against potential losses of biodiversity caused by factors such as climate change or new plant diseases. Also against the background of the increasing food demand of a growing world population, the preservation of the global crop plant population is enormously important.

EPICUR Networking Conference 2022

"Diversity of the Regions"

19. May 09:30 ‐ 20. May 13:00

  • Konferenz
  • 150 Jahre BOKU

Ecology and management of white-tailed deer

Do you want to learn more about white-tailed deer and their management in the USA?

13:00 ‐ 17:00

  • Vortrag

Dr. Steve Demarais, an expert on white-tailed deer ecology and management, is visiting BOKU! He is the MSU (Mississippi State University) Deer Lab co-director and the Taylor Chair in Applied Big Game Research and Instruction. Take the opportunity to get to know Steve Demarais and his work by listening to his talks.

Featuring Future Conference

May 24 + 25

24. May 09:00 ‐ 25. May 18:00

  • Konferenz
  • 150 Jahre BOKU

What are the greatest future challenges and what role does science play in mastering these? Which future-ready models can help us collaborate in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? How can we pool knowledge to improve livelihoods, manage natural resources, secure food and health, and achieve sustainable societal and technological transformation? And how can each and every one of us contribute to a better future? Be there and join the discussion!

Reformist context, veto players and symbolic wins: the case of CAP 2023-2027

15:30 ‐ 16:30

  • Vortrag

Prof. Dr. Emil Erjavec from the University of Ljubljana will visit the Institute of Sustainable Economic Development at the end of May. You are cordially invited to attend his lecture at our Institute seminar on Monday, 30 May 2022.